People Over Plastic podcast covers and visual assets (Season 1 & 2)
CLIENT | People Over Plastic
I created various podcast covers and social assets for People Over Plastic, a media platform for multicultural changemakers to hear powerful, intergenerational, and solutions-oriented conversations that center the intersection between environmental and racial justice.
My goal was to create visual stunning imagery that conveyed that highlighted the guests, topics and countries that the episodes were based on. Each have their own unique feel while staying in tune with the art direction of the particular season.
Season one visual approach was to create stunning collages that highlighted the guests of honor with elements of nature and subjects that corresponded to the specifics of the particular podcast episode. Everyone had a powerful story to tell, and my mission was to telegraph those via the covers.
With Season 2, rather than focus on guest images, the art direction shifted to focus on the location each guest was from to visually showcase the globalization of the issues with plastic/pollution.
This image was created for an event hosted in Washington DC. The image is meant not just to showcase the guests, but to showcase the important topics they'd be talking about.
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